What’s JILPA?

Japan Immigration Law Practitioners Association (JILPA) is the first Immigration law study group in Japan for professionals. We regularly hold ‘Global Visa Forum Japan’ and discuss regarding foreign countries’ Immigration law and practice. JILPA is a unique resource for those involved in the immigration legal community in Japan, or with an interest in immigration law. JILPA mainly  comprises General Attorneys (Immigration Lawyer -Gyoseishoshi ), Researchers, Travel Agents, Lawyers, Accountants and other Professionals. Non-members are welcome to any of our open forums and events to learn more about immigration law.







Name: Japan Immigration Law Practitioners Association (JILPA) or ImmiKen

Address: 6th floor, Sibakaga Building, 2-3-1 Shibakoen Minatoku Tokyo 105-0011 JAPAN

Contact: Tel: +81-3-6402-7671

e-mail: info_gvf@immigration-law.jp


Chairperson: Masahito Nakai, Director, Nakai Immigration Services LPC

Secretary General: Yasuyuki Morinada, CALPS Office Apricot

Vice Secretary General: Ryuta Fukushima, CALPS Office Aroi

General Affairs Director: Bunmei Yamakawa, CALPS Office Yamakawa

Legal Director: Yoshito Kijima, CALPS Office Kijima Legal

Financial Director: Sumi Seri, CALPS Office Seri

Information Director: Hisao Yamagata, CALPS Howard Int’l Immigration Office

CALPS: Certified Administrative Legal Procedures Specialist

Venue for the Seminar
: To be annouced in a notice of the seminor